Thankful for at this very moment

Right now I am sitting in a coffee shop in La Crosse, WI catching up on, well, everything. My goal for this time is to get organized and prioritize my to-do list so the next hours of homework are productive, and leave me feeling really good going into next week (of course that will take more than a little weekend reading as well).

This is my first full weekend to spend back here with Megan since fall semester began. Like so much of life, this is really really wonderful, and really really hard. I am intentionally focussing on the wonderful … and praying I can continue to be intentional throughout the day/week/month/year … and beyond. So, while I miss Shawn and Nessa, and also wish I could spend the entire day visiting with friends while here, here is what I am thankful for at this very moment:

1. Really really good coffee 🙂
2. Great care alternative practitioners that make coming home a relief for my achey body too!
3. Wonderful time chatting and just “being” with Megan last night!!! (She is one of the brightest stars in my life and yet the more time that passes the more fitting it seems that the two of us decided long ago that she was “my butterfly” )
4. Confidence in my wonderful husband that our home and daughter do not require my constant presence to flourish (I am free to leave without leaving detailed instructions LOL)
5. A cozy place to stay on my weekends back … the farm is our perfect “retreat” — Thanks be to God (and to mom and dad!)
6. that Megan did not request to go to Oktoberfest this weekend LOL … seriously SO thankful for this 🙂 … we have other mother/daughter plans instead
7. That I LOVE the books I am reading for my classes — it’s great that my biggest problem is that I have to tell myself “no” and prioritize my reading to get done what I truly need to get done
8. all of the warm (and beautiful!) quilts I get to use constantly (I am so spoiled by all of the quilts my mom has gifted us with — thank you!)
9. The support that Shawn and I are receiving as part of this journey (scholarships, congregational support, anonymous donations, and prayers and more prayers to just name a few) … I cry in gratitude when I take a moment to think about it!
10. That I have multiple communities to share my love, abundance and gratitude with!

Love and belief to all!!!