My soul will rest

I am not a musical person, and yet there are times when only music can express a complexity of passions and thoughts in a way that resonates. So, while I have no musical gifts to share I do often turn to music to soothe my restless soul, and I plan to gradually share many of the songs that I frequently turn to either by sharing bits of lyrics or by sharing links to hear a song online.

Please share comments about the songs that inspire and comfort you.

Since being introduced to Dakota Road’s music a few years ago, their CDs have accompanied me on many long drives, including recent trips back and forth between the La Crosse area and Dubuque. I often find myself still meditating on the lyrics long after a song ends. Below is one song that strongly resonates with me. Or rather, below are the first lines of each verse along with a link to full lyrics.

When there’s bread for all people then my soul will rest…
When we all have safe shelter then my soul will rest…
When there’s peace on this planet then my soul will rest…
When I’m laid in the soil then my soul will rest

(from “My Soul will Rest” by Dakota Road)
Words and Music by Larry Olson and Karol Baer

Listening to these words my heart aches with the weight of all suffering and the work to be done, and yet in that last line I feel the promise of a peaceful eternity.

I am meant to be the hands and feet of Christ here on earth. The work will not be done. My soul will remain restless.

There is peace for me in this refrain.

May the peace of the Lord be with you always.

Love and belief,