Thankful this Sunday morning

Just a quick note to share my joy and thanksgiving this morning … and let you all know I/we are still out here taking each day of CPE as it comes — challenges and joys!

The opposite on call schedules my husband and I have is challenging at times (and possibly good preparation for what is to coming in future ministry?), so we are learning to be intentional about setting time aside to reconnect as well. This morning we are on a “Sunday morning date” 🙂 With a full house at the farm this weekend, I saw Sunday morning as a good time for Shawn and to connect away from everyone else (after church we went to Festival to their deli area … trying to practice being frugal along with getting wifi and time together 🙂

It may be a couple of weeks before I have a chance to get a few more posts ready to share here; however, we are starting to settle into some type of comfort zone this summer rather than continually being overwhelmed.

So here is my off-the-top-of-my-head thankful list this morning:
1. Time with my husband this morning sharing and planning … and praying!
2. Seeing our friends at church this morning and many Sunday mornings recently as we’ve been able to get back to Good Shepherd more frequently so far this summer.
3. Having a 2-day weekend!!!! (won’t happen again for awhile!)
4. Seeing more of my family (including parents and niece Ahnika and nephew Cully) this weekend.
5. The mother-daughter time I had with Megan on Thursday (especially since I was able to leave work “early” after working call Wed. and through the night)
6. That Shawn and I are in this together — challenging but I wouldn’t have it any other way!
7. That the hot humid weather only lasted long enough for me to appreciate the weather we’ve been having most of the summer
8. That produce is starting to come in abundance at the farm
9. That I have been sleeping well.
10. That many dots are being connected and I have been able to do some good emotional and mental work as part of CPE, and that I am now able to step gently into my own identity as minister and chaplain — special thank you to my mentors, supervisors and peers at Gundersen for being a part of this! (this clinical pastoral education thing is really like no other educational opportunity — amazing growth experience if one is open to it.

Peace and blessings to all!!

Love and belief,


Hear our prayer

“Hear our prayer, hear our prayer, Lord, make us whole:
peace to all people, hope for each soul.
God of grace, in this place, hear now our prayer.”

This is the prayer refrain we sang in church yesterday. It is my favorite prayer refrain. As I sing it I feel our spoken and unspoken prayers joining prayers throughout eternity. I also hear the plea for wholeness and peace of all of humanity, and then am reassured by God’s grace — always, forever; here, now, in this place.