Brooks Groth family outside Wartburg Seminary

Thank you for taking time to visit. I started this blog as a way to share my journey as I attend Seminary. Right now the journey is just beginning in terms of starting my first year of seminary; however, the journey really has been in process for many, many years, and there may be a few posts about that as well.

The first three pictures on this page are those of me (likely, obvious, but the one in pink), my husband, and my 6-year-old daughter around the campus of Wartburg Seminary shortly after we moved here in July of 2011.Nessa near Wartburg Seminary Buildings

This fall I begin the Diaconal Ministry program at Wartburg, and Shawn begins the M.Div program at Wartburg.

That’s right, we’re both attending Seminary at the same time! We also have children to continue to nurture throughout this process, so yes, we are a bit crazy. We took about three years in the actual discernment process regarding discerning our calls and discerning the timing of schooling and moving the family, and although we tried, there was no way we could not do this — so here we are!

Shawn and I in front of Wartburg Seminary buildingsMy hope is that this blog not only allows me to keep those I already know updated along my journey, but also to connect with others who may share a similar path. I plan to share both brief and in-depth posts as time allows. As it is appropriate, I may also share some of the writing I do for class here. The posts will focus on topics that I am studying at the time or that come up when I do field work; however, at times I will may also muse about life at seminary.

Although I am sure I will expand on my own personal calling to diaconal ministry, below are some links:

Love and belief,

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  1. Hi, Tam, I’d like to follow your blog. How might I do that? I’m a seminary grad (MA in Systematic Theology from Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA), a Roman Catholic, & someone with Celiac Disease. I found your post on your project on inclusive & gluten-free communion through a Google search, & I think we definitely have that concern in common. I’ll try to respond to your questions on that blog. How could I subscribe to your blog? I also have a blog on WordPress.com, entitled radicalcatholicmusings.com. Thanks! Pat (Patricia) Shechter

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